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I have been selling advertising to dealers for over 25 years and if there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that dealers aren’t 100% sure what’s working and what’s not. Dealers throw thousands of dollars a month at all sorts of marketing in hopes that sales go up, but in reality, most dealers aren’t sure how well those forms of advertising worked or even contributed to sales. NOW, with ROI detective, dealers have a lot less guessing and a lot more actual stats! And, this isn’t data on impressions or viewers, no, this is actual sales from the advertising they do. Dealers I have worked with that are using ROI detective, spend a lot less money and sell a lot more cars, why? Because they know for sure what is working and what isn’t! BOOM!

Laura Gonzales
President Raven Marketing

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Thanks to ROI Detective's Low Cost, it's perfect for marketing agencies. Not only can you use it for better marketing performance, you can use the data as a vendor price negotiating tool. 

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